Hole: What was it about me anyway?

Intuitive painting is an amazing method to communicate emotions that are imbedded deep in one's soul. Something happened recently that shattered my world apart. Although it was a speckle of dust in the scheme of the universe, it was a repetitive pattern that I have come to know all too well but failed to recognize … Continue reading Hole: What was it about me anyway?

I Surrender There is no big enough body of water that can wash away and cover my sorrow. I feel so hollow. Empty as a shell, Empty as a bell attached to a godless church In a godless world, I surrender. #IHBirey

Love is a curse I know I am not ready yet Nor will I ever be To let go of thee most completely. My love is my curse For another thousand years My heart will burst Into tears. Into years I will hide Slowly I will die And never love again. #IHBirey